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Koolbeat owns a dedicated studio where it develops the productions of its artists. For each song the initial idea is structured and brought to a final level of excellence by faithfully following the Artist’s requests and indications. The production is carried out with the help of professional musicians and using the best digital machines for post processing.


Thanks to the contribution of our Authors and Producers, we create the structure of the song, the lyrics from scratch and proceed to the final production. Our experience combined with the full availability of numerous artistic consultants, who constantly collaborate with Koolbeat, allows us to range across every musical genre and finalize products for every artistic context.

Open Session

Creativity arises from interaction, exchange and contamination. This is why we love organizing collective moments in which we write new songs with the participation of artists from the most disparate fields. Singers, Authors, Writers gather in our studio to create together and to exchange emotions that can become unpublished songs or compositions.


We believe that Art should be nourished with research and a continuous striving for improvement. This is why we organize training sessions with established authors, producers and artists who, through their professionalism, offer pearls of experience, technique and real life stories.